Is it bad to look at your baby and feel nothing?

May be depressed. Post partum depression isn't the blues --it's an absence of feeling--see a psychiatrist get help so you can bond with your baby.
Postpartum Blahs. That depends on many things, like if you're just tired or ill with a virus, etc. Over half of all women have "baby blues" after giving birth. But if feelings such as apathy towards the baby persist, and certainly in feelings of wanting to harm the baby or yourself arise, then it could a sign of a serious problem, such as depression. Please talk to your doctor as soon as possible about this.
Seek help. Please seek immediate help. Talk to your family and call your doctor to discuss this. This may be a common condition after having a baby, called post-partum depression. Doctors know how to help you get well and enjoy your baby and your life again. If you feel you might be in danger of harming yourself or the baby, you need to seek emergency care immediately as help is available quickly for you.