Mid shaft humerus fracture an plated in arm how much time bone will take to cure an when should physio therapy started. Angulation of plate also there?

Humeral plate. I'm not sure what you mean that there is angulation of the plate, there has to be a slight convexity to the plate to avoid valgus malreduction. Physical therapy should start around 6 weeks post-operatively.

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25 year old had operated mid shaft humerus fracture an plate was fixed know angulation had taken after 1 month an 7 days union is there what to do.

Humoral union. It takes about 6 weeks for bones to heal. I'd wait another week, then start gradually getting your motion in your shoulder and elbow back, it'll be another 7 weeks or so before you're back to near normal. Read more...

Sir 25 yrs age mid shaft humerus fracture movement of plate from original position 10-15 degrees of angulation union there operated 1 mnth 7 days?

Malunion. This fracture heals in about 6 weeks. The bone remodels overtime. Some angulation is well tolerated in this bone because of excellent rom at the shoulder joint. You will have good acceptable results once the bone is healed. Read more...