I m 19 yrs n have a lazy eye. It isn't deviated. Is there possibility of eye getting deviated in future? D lazy eye can't c well even using right glasses

Possible. Lazy eye, or amblyopia, describes an eye that cannot see well (typically more than 20/40) even with the best prescription lenses. It can be associated with a deviated eye. If the eye has never deviated, it is lees likely that it will as you get over, but there is always a slight possibility. If it was deviated as a child, there is a greater chance that it will deviate later in life.
Yes. An eye that has poor vision from birth (amblyopia) has the chance of turning in, or out as you age. The stimulus of good vision is lost and you can develop strabismus (deviated eyes) later in life. Unfortunately, over the age of ten, improving the vision in the eye is not possible.