I'm a 19-year-old girl. I am studying hard for getting acceptance from university. I want to consult with psychiatry around psychological stress.

Try here. You can find a psychologist near you here: locator.Apa.Org take care, .
ACT Therapy. Unless you are debilitated by stress, i recommend psychotherapy rather than meds as a first resort, as the effects are equivalent but longer-lasting. Acceptance and commitment therapy (act) is an excellent choice for helping you focus and pursue your goals despite anxious thoughts in your head. This treatment is highly supported by research.
Psychotherapy. The way the mental health professions are divided can be puzzling. It sounds like you would benefit from speaking to a psychotherapist. These are most often psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers or counselors. The most important considerations are compassion and experience. Those psychotherapists who are psychiatrists will be able to prescribe medication in addition.
Counseling. If your symptoms are stress related, you would probably do just as well seeing a doctoral level clinical psychologist. If you have stress and not a clinical condition - this may match up better with your needs. Take care.