It's been 5 months since I fractured my foot sometimes it still hurts will the pain go away?

Depends. If the fracture heals properly, and doesn't involve a joint, you should be pain free. Bone normally heels in 2-3 months. If the fracture involved a joint, there is a chance of developing a painful arthritis. Delayed bone healing is possible which could be a continued source of discomfort. I would recommend evaluation by a physician to ensure that the fracture is healing properly.
YES. The majority of bone healing is usually done within the first 6 weeks after a fracture, but it takes over a year for the process to complete. Some fractures, even longer. During the latter stages of healing, most of the inflammation has resolved, but it can still hurt at times. For most fractures, good supportive shoes or orthotics will help. Good luck and, don't get discouraged.