How many days might I be able to associate allergic reaction (swelled lips & throat) to moving dusty things? When out, no symptoms. Home & symp return

One or two.... ..If you're continuing to move dusty things. However, swollen lips and throat without other nose and eye symptoms do not necessarily mean an allergic reaction; other things cause these symptoms as well. The best bet is to discuss what's going on in detail with your doctor or an allergist.
Hard to say, not many. Actually, breathing in a lot of dust (or bring exposed to a lot of dust) would not be a common cause of swollen lips/throat. The fact that it only seems to occur at home impliesither factors may be involved (? Pets, medications, etc). I would recommend seeing an allergist to help investigate the cause (s).
Angioedema. This sounds like angioedema. There are multiple causes of this, but it tends to affect the mouth, tongue, throat, lips, fingers, feet and even can cause swelling in the genital region. Evaluation with an allergist is the best way to get a clear picture as to possible causes.