My joints lock up quite often in my elbows, knees, hips, wrist, and ankles, my doctors have seen nothing wrong with me, what shoild I do?

Rheumatologist. See a rheumatologist. Rheumatologic conditions can cause discomfort in multiple joints in the body.
Hard to say. We see locking due to catilage problems, lack of congruity in appositon of the joints (if theyare not fitting together properly)but the cuase of widespread locking is less clear. During your evaluation be certain you are evaluated for hypermobility (increased flexibility). This could explain locking by lack of congruity.

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My 3 yr. Old always cries every night and points to his ankle, wrist, elbow and knee joints. The doc said its growing pain, but I don't believe her.

MULTIPLE JOINT PAINS. It is not normal for a child to cry every night due to painful joints. He needs evaluation and treatment. Read more...
I would want to . Rule out other causes as the etiology. There is another issue here though....When one doesn't "believe" their doctor......You need to be able to communicate with your doctor..If there is trust issues, you might be best off seeking a second opinoin. Read more...