How do you tell weather you have a herpe or ingrown hair on your vag?

Herpes Diagnosis. Although sores may be visible to the eye, several laboratory tests may be necessary to determine whether the sores are caused by hsv or another infection. The most reliable method of diagnosing genital herpes is by viral culture during which a new lesion is swabbed or scraped with the sample added to a laboratory culture that contains healthy cells.
Examination. Your doctor can do a swab of the lesion. This is the best way. There is a blood test too but this only tells you if you have the virus in your system, and not whether the lesion in question is herpes. Good luck.
Observe. Herpes will make a small blister which soon becomes a scab which heals completely in 1-2 weeks. An ingrown hair will be red with cheezy or pussy material, maybe a coiled hair visible, and persist a long time with dense reaction deep in the skin.