So I was using differin (adapalene) but got red peeling irritated skin so I stopped using it for a week should I continue to use it?

Differin (adapalene) One should only use a pea size amount of differin (adapalene) on your face at night. You can use a moisturizer after you apply the differin (adapalene). You can also differin (adapalene) every third night to begin with. If these methods are not effective then you should stop the differin (adapalene) and try another product.
Skip some nights. You may wish to continue less frequently until your skin gets used to it. Try using 3x a week, wait 15 min after washing, use lubricating cream. Use only a very small dose of differin (adapalene). Avoid any other acne creams. Do not scrub or steam your face.. Use only lubricating cleansers. Avoid caustic soaps such as ivory or antibacterial soaps or deoderant soaps. It takes 2-3 months to see benefits, so be.