What is the best cream or other product for treating diaper rash?

Diaper rash. 1. Frequent diaper changes 2. Barrier cream with each diaper change. Triple paste is my favorite.
Diaper rash. The first thing is to try to establish what could be causing the rash. Soaps, wipes, lotions may be culprits. Type of diapers, frequency of diaper changes. Moisture breaks down the skin an can create a rash, try keeping the skin dry and clean, and create a barrier with any cream that has zinc oxide. If the rash is not better in a day or two, consult your doctor to rule anything else out.
The best: naked time. Honestly: the best thing for diaper rash isn't a cream you put on, it's a diaper and clothes you take off. Naked time, plus a cold hair dryer or fam to dry the bottom, is the best cure for most diaper rashes. It may not be so good for your carpet, though.
Zinc oxide. Creams and ointments containing zinc oxide and petrolatum such as a+d, boudreaux's butt paste, desitin, (zinc oxide diaper cream) triple paste, balmex work very well for diaper rash. Apply with each diaper change until the rash goes away.
Many options... There's no perfect answer to this one. Try any cream with zinc oxide (i personally really liked the creamy desitin (zinc oxide diaper cream) for my children as it was easy to apply) or a & d ointment. If the rash is getting worse with regular diaper rash cream, it is possible there may be yeast present (esp. If it's bright red with tiny "sattelite lesions" & itchy), so try any OTC antifungal cream (eg. Lotrimin).
DIAPER DERMATITIS. You can use a combination of steroid and antifungal cream like mycolog, lotrisone, (clotrimazole and betamethasone) etc.
Diaper Rash. Use an ointment that forms a protective barrier on the skin after every diaper change to help protect your child's irritated skin from stool and urine. There are several good barrier ointments on the market, including petroleum ointment or petroleum jelly, nonpetroleum jelly, lanolin products, and white zinc oxide.
Triple Paste. There are many available to consider including prescription options but one of the best otc brands is triple paste.
One that stays put! Using a cream to "treat" a diaper rash really means protecting the skin with a barrier so that it can heal on it's own. Good barrier creams are ones that stay put- usually they contain petrolatum or zinc oxide. Apply a good layer to keep the irritants in the diaper away from the baby's skin while the rash heals. If the rash gets infected with yeast or bacteria, you will need to see the doctor.
Diaper rash. Most of the diaper rash creams OTC are safe for babies. Diaper rash cream provides a barrier to the babies skin so it avoids the contact of urine/fecal material to touch the skin and cause contact dermatitis. If the rash does not clear up then one need to seek medical advice to make sure it is a yeast infection.
Desitin (zinc oxide diaper cream) + Maalox. My favorite gentle treatment for most diaper rashes is the mixture of desitin (zinc oxide diaper cream) (zinc oxide paste) and maalox liquid. Put an inch of desitin (zinc oxide diaper cream) cream (do not use the "creamy" type) in your palm. Add 1 capfull of maalox liquid to it and mix together for 30 seconds. Then rub this thinned paste into the entire diaper area for 30 seconds. Do this with each diaper change.
Keep dry. Keep the area as dry as possible by changing the diaper more often and applying of powder. Once the rash has taken hold, then an anti-fungal cream would be the next step.
There are a few. Vusion or medicated triple paste are good options.
Zinc-based cream. For preventing diaper rash or for treating mild diaper rash, one can use a zinc-based whitish diaper cream. Choose a cream that goes on easily, yet is not too sticky. If the cream is too thick and sticky, a parent would tend to wipe the butt too firmly while cleaning, thus irritating the sensitive skin. If there are breaks in the skin, or the rash is widespread, the baby should see a doctor.