Over 2 years of sinus pressure in eyes, ears, nose teeth, several doc. Visits no answers, last 2 months have had some pounding in neck is this sinus?

Sounds like spasm. Your symptoms sound like they may be due to spasm of your facial muscles perhaps caused by your bite or clenching/grinding of your teeth. The pounding in your neck could also be from muscle spasm. Do you chew gum? Are you missing teeth? Under a lot of stress? Try a soft diet, antiinflammatory medication and ice to your head and face. See your dentist. Stay away from chewy and crunchy foods.
Consider your teeth. Neck pain is not due to your sinuses. Throat pain, on the other hand, can be. Either way, with the symptoms you describe, you may want to consider your teeth as a possible cause. Infected teeth and/or grinding/clenching of the teeth can cause the described symptoms. Infected teeth can induce grinding, and visa versa. See a dentist for an exam to see if your teeth may be the cause.