2 w ago I had carpal tunnel surgery. I did some painting now my hand is swollen and my pinky finger is locked up and twice the size is this normal?

No, not normal! It appears that you started a bit too soon with heavy use of the operated hand. And if your little finger is locking then you a separate condition called triggering. Rest, elevate your hand, use prescription NSAIDs and see your Hand surgeon.
Slow down . Way too early to be painting after hand surgery. You need to give your hand time to heal. Given your symptoms, you should let your surgeon take a look at your hand.
Yes and no. It is extremely rare for a 21 yo to have carpal tunnel syndrome. But after surgery the hand is pretty sore for about 6 weeks. If there is no drainage or infection this is probably normal for the amount of use.
Triggering. Sounds like you have what's called a trigger finger. Make sure you're moving your fingers a lot to prevent complex regional pain syndrome (aka reflex sympathetic dystrophy) and mention the triggering to your surgeon at your next follow-up visit.