What are the early signs of diabetes?

Several. Most commonly: frequent urination, extreme thirst and hunger, feeling tired, irritability, unusual weight loss. Those are all signs of type 1 diabetes. Type 2 includes the same symptoms as well as frequent infections, blurry vision, wounds that heal slowly, tingling or numbness in your hands or feet, or you can have no symptoms at all.
Signs of diabetes. The new way to see if you are a diabetic is to have your hemoglobin A1c (hga1c) checked at your annual visit. Some people who have an elevated hga1c may not have many symptoms except fatigue. As the disease progresses and the hga1c increases people have urinary frequency, thirst, incontinence, weight loss. People w/recurrent boils, non healing wounds, & recurrent yeast infections need 2b checked.
None. Usually early diabetes does not have any symptoms. However, if you have a family history, are overweight, have abnormal blood lipids, or are unusually tired you should have your blood checked for highh sugar levels. If you wish all the foregoing may be considered as possible symptoms of early diabetes.

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Could you tell me what are early signs of diabetes?

Maybe none . The classic symptoms of uncontrolled diabetes are excessive urination, thirst and hunger with unexplained weight loss but that is not the time to diagnose diabetes. It is best to diagnose in its early stages before symptoms develop or in the prediabetes stage. People at high risk for diabetes (overweight, family history, inactivity, high bp, etc) need to be screened and diagnosed early. Read more...

What are some early warning signs of diabetes-related kidney disease?

Microalbumin. The first sign is the appearance of microalbumin in your urine. This is easily detected in a urine test and will tell your doctor to put you on a medication that will lower your blood pressure and "protect" your kidneys to reverse or prevent worsening of the kidney disease. Read more...