I have an ANA that goes from 1.1 or below up to 1.3. Does a fluctuating result like this mean I don't really have lupus?

Not follow ANA. We do not use ANA titers to follow lupus. Also the ANA alone can not diagnose lupus. The are other tests and other examinations that are done to diagnose lupus and to follow the course of lupus. Lab studies are part of a biologic system and can fluctuate but we do not use them alone for diagnosis or to follow a course of lupus.
Not really. ANA results are given as titers. A titer of less than 1:40 is considered normal. Many people in the general population will have low titers of ANA (1:1 or 1:2) and will not have an autoimmune disease. 95% of people with lupus will have an elevated ANA test. If your ANA test is negative or low; your chance of having lupus is less than 5% (but not zero). A diagnosis of lupus requires other tests.