I had a C-section is there a good cream to treat the scar. This was 6months ago.?

Not really...but. You could try different scar cream/remedies. I personally do not believe that there is a miracle fix, but I do suggest vitamedmd scar reduction cream. It won't hurt and may help. With repeat c-sections, i always take out the previous scar and if there is a keloid present, will inject kenalog (triamcinolone) steroid into the incision after closure which may help prevent keloid formation.
Depends. Scars can be unsightly because they're red, dark, thick, wide, indented, or some combination. Except for keloid and thick scars most improve over the 1st 6 to 12 mos. Silicone ointment can help the rednesss and flatten scars, colostrum is useful in early scars, bleaching creams can improve darkness, and massaging will help if started early. A consultation is indicated; injections may be needed.