What can I do if my baby bites me while breastfeeding?

Interrupt feeds. It is unclear why babies bite, it is however agreed on that they do not intend to displease, so interrupt feeds, indicate to baby that bites are not acceptable, check to be sure baby is well positioned/ latching on well and that milk flow is not too fast. May be a way of letting you know to stop the feeds when full. Be consistent with your response to this behavior and it will pass.
Slow the flow. Breastfed babies usually bite at the end of a feeding, when the flow slows down. Or, they bite to slow the speed of the flow of milk. If the biting happens at the beginning of the feeding, the flow from your let down may be so fast, the baby is biting too slow it down. There are some ways, like expressing that first let down before the baby latches, that can help.
Only once or twice. This usually only happens one or two times. When the baby bites with teeth the pain is bad enough for you to scream and the baby usually is so frightened and in its mind connects the scream with the bite and doesn't do it again.
Flick the cheeck. Gently with the thumb and middle finger just enough for the baby to feel a llittle sting. It will remember the sting but not enought not to breasteed which is what it wants to do. It will quickly learn not to bite.
Lactation consultant. Insurances usually pay for lactation consultation with a lactation nurse. Possibly the baby just needs to learn how to latch on properly. Often lactation nurses come to your home and teach you many great techniques. Ask your pediatrician which one he/she recommends. It can be invaluable....And covered too. Great combo. Good luck and congrats on the newborn.
Breast shield. If you baby is biting you during breast feeding purchase a breast shield in the pharmacy.