Can you die with drinking excessive water?

Cfertainly. This can cause water intoxication. You can cause a severe imbalance of the electrolytes in the blood, namely sodium. This ocurrs in people who are psychogenic water drinkers. One can have seizures and die.
Yes. It is called water intoxication. Certain conditions have as a symptom, polydipsia, which means drinking too much. The problem is, it can make one's sodium in their blood too low. Polydipsia, is probably most commonly a sign of diabetes.

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Drinking excessive amount of water during day reduce nocturnal emission? (by the way none of my dreams are related to sex when I get to remember them)

Won't help much. Drinking very excessive amounts of water daily can be dangerous to the kidney, although this takes- alot of water. It is unlikely to help the nocturnal emissions (wet dreams) unless it does by waking you up. Nocturnal emissions usually persist only for a fairly short time during adolesence. They can be reduced by masturbation or even some anti-depressants can prevent ejaculation.
Burning question? Pleh, I very much hope that no one has told you that nocturnal emissions are unhealthy, dangerous, or sinful. One of the cults teaches this to frighten teenagers. I personally know one pastor who quit the cult rather than repeat this lie. Cherish and care for you developing body, and learn the truth about it so that you can perhaps someday be a good husband / father.

Will drinking excessive amounts of water stop my binge eating?

Excessive water. No drinking excessive water is not the answer to excessive eating. Excessive water consumption can lead to its own metabaolic problems. The answer to excessive eating is to get into a good eating disorder program, with a counselor, dietician, medical doctor, and a psychiatrist. You may need inpatient or outpatient treatment.
Binging. Not likely, since the dynamics underlying the behavior are not directly related to appetite or hunger.