I have overian cyst its 5 cm. Can that be painful. My doctor said no?

Certainly can. A five centimeter ovarian cyst is well within the range of what is considered normal - many women form cysts this size and have no pain. However, a cyst this size could cause severe pain if formed rapidly by filling with blood - usually this is treated with pain meds, but could require surgery. It would cause severe pain and would require surgery if it is twisted (torsed ovary) around inside.

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Have a fallopian tube cyst, 5 cm. Doc watching with sono every 3 months. Had one removed 3 years ago. Have also had ovarian cysts. Are these worrisome?

Generally not. Typically these types of cysts are benign and not worrisome however there are rare conditions that can be a problem therefore the reason your doctor is watching the size and appearance of these cysts. Read more...