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9 days late on period, negative test, dizziness, cramps lower abdomin, sore nipples, blurred vision. Taking no medication. Is this serious? Help!

Late with period. At 19 yrs old, you should always practice safe sex and use some type of birth control. That being said, you need to see your pop (primary care doctor) to check your blood and confirm you are not pregnant. You could also have a cold which can cause similar symptoms drink plenty of fluids do not take a lot of pain meds until you know you are not pregnant. Good luck! In good health!
Just in case. See your pcp to get a blood pregnancy test. Blurred vision can be due to: hormonal changes [dry eyes (most common) {from a variety of causes, mgd, blepharitis}, need for new glasses (refractive error); diabetes, headaches/ migraines; rare issues (increased intracranial pressure/ papilledema); an eye md can take a look under the microscope to see the cause. If persists, see your eyemd. Asap.
? Virus. Sounds like a viral syndrome--please see your internist or gynecologist asap.

2 week late on period, 3 negative hpt negative blood tests - yet very very sore nipples, head aches, hunger, stomach cramps, any reasons?

Missed period. You may have tested too early for pregnancy. Test again, as your symptoms are consistent with pregnancy. If not pregnant then see your doctor about what is causing your symptoms.