How to overcome the acne effects on the face skin and make the face clear with no black spots?

Acne; blackheads. Gently wash face w/ moisturizing soap/ cleanser (dove/tone/caress) twice a day. Don't squeeze pimples or blackheads (closed comedones); dermatologist has tool for extracting stubborn ones. Pat face dry; apply acne meds; moisturizer with sunblock. If otc products not enough, derm can rx others.

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My face is oily. I've many blackheads, black spots and pots on face coz of severe acne problem. Now acne don't appear much. Please suggest to overcome it.

Scientific Rx. You are already on topical benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin. If there are many blackheads, adding / substitution a retinoic acid derivative may help. If the new lesions are few, you probably don't want systemic treatment. It's your decision whether to have the scars treated by a dermatologist; several hollywood "tough guys" kept theirs for the "tough guy" look. Glad things are improving. Read more...