Is turner syndrome also another form of a hermaphrodite?

Female. Turner syndrome is a woman who only has one x chromosome instead of 2 x chromosomes that a female usually has. This will result in decreased or absent secondary sex characteristics (such as breat development). These women usually do not have periods and are infertile. Turner syndrome is always a female though. This is distinctly different from being a hermaphrodite.
Absolutely not. Turner's syndrome is a medical condition where some or all cells of the body are missing an x chromosome (normal female cells typically have two x chromosomes). Females affected by this disorder may suffer from short stature or pubertal difficulties, nevertheless, the majority of them have a charming personality and can lead a normal life.
No. It is a "syndrome" where the ovaries stopped working (premature ovarian failure) with loss of ovarian function-lack of hormone production and eggs for future feritlity. It is also happens to be associated with other clinical presentations including heart-skeletal-adrenal-skin abnormalities. It otherwise is not associated with shortened life span unless the heart issues go undetected.
Hermaphrodite. This diagnosis requires the presence of both male and female gonads [testicular as well as ovarian tissue]. A pseudohermaphrodite is someone whose genitalia is sexually ambiguous suggesting a state somewhere between male and female.