What is partial intubation?

Never heard of it. I have done aneswthesia for 38 years in many hospitals and never heard the term. Dr r is probably right but it could also be that the tracheal tube was partially in. Just to be clear, "when he says " this is less invasive...." he means the lma not the subject fo the previous sentance. .
No such thing. A partial intubation is like being sort of pregnant....Can't happen...Either you are intubation or you aren't.
No idea. Have never heard of this. In what context was this used? A lma is a device that sits in the pharynx, and helps to maintain an airway, without actually having a tube in the trachea. Maybe this is what was meant?
Airway device. "laryngeal mask airway", which is an airway device that sits in the throat just above the vocal cords, used for general anesthesia. This is opposed to tracheal intubation, where the breathing tube passes through the vocal cords. This is less invasive, and often requires fewer medications, but it is not necessarily safer or less safe. You may still have sore throat, but shouldn't have hoarseness.