3yrs relatnship with bfriend (also 1st sex partner). We planin to cmmit. I was diagnosed with HPV but now paps test r nrmal. He'got warts, tho. Can we hv unprotected sex? Will w b able to hv children?

Yes to both. You have both been exposed to the hpv viruses. The strain which causes warts is low risk for cervical cancer. You may get a wart eventually but it is easily managed. One option is aldara, (imiquimod) a cream that will help with the wart issue. I would probably use condoms when someone has a wart but if you stay monogamous, in time the virus may clear. It will not create issues of fertility. Gd luc.
Yes, but not now! Protected sex til his warts are treated. After that some form of contraception until you're really, really sure this is the guy. You don't want to have a pregnancy make your decision about a life partner. Sorry but first loves at 17 don't always turn out to be the right lifelong partner.