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Itching bad throat, chest, arms and legs below the knees and skin peeling on hands and feet. Could this be a nut allergy?

Maybe. Your description could be eczema or it could be the result of a streptococcal throat infection. If eczema and if caused by nuts (a lot of ifs) it would be the result of eating nuts nearly everyday. Do yourself a favor and see an allergist or a dermatologist for assistance.

My 4 year old son has peeling skin on his hands, even becoming sore and bleeding a little! He hasn't complained and has not been unwell! ?

Mgt. If he is ill, has a fever or any blisters, he should see the ED for further evaluation right away. If he is otherwise well, avoid harsh soaps, prolonged immersion in water. There may be a contact irritation. Has he been exposed to any new gloves. Soaps or lotions?