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Last period was 9days late. Bad back pain and cramps Now this month I have no period, pregnant or did I miscarriage?

Anovulatory bleeding. Pregnancy is always on the list of possibilities when a woman has abnormal uterine bleeding or cycles. You may be having anovulatory cycles (cycle without producing an egg from the ovary). If a urine pregnancy test is negative, I would recommend evaluation by your gynecologist, and treatment will depend on the cause of the abnormal bleeding and your current short-term pregnancy goals.

37 weeks and never felt so bad my whole pregnancy. I'm having period like cramps all the time &' my belly gets super hard along with bad back pain?

On the internet? We love this Health Tap App. But it is never to replace actual health care. You are in labor. Or you have an infection. Either way you need to sign off of the internet and contact your OB. Don't you think? Today?
Pregnancy. Sounds like you may be having labor pains. Go immediately to L & D for evaluation.
The big show's comin. Hang in'll be over in the next couple of weeks. This is in preparation for the real deal. Is this going to be a natural birth process, induced, or planned C? Good luck. You're young but every pregnant woman should watch Bill Cosby's Classic Monologue on Kids and Giving Birth. You'll laugh so hard that you may just have the baby without realizing it! Https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=UEwPy31vWZ8.