My daughter is two years and still eats from the bottle. She hardly eats solid food and she is not loosing weight. What could be the problem?

Get rid of it. Providing your child has not an actual difficulty with texture, chewing or swallowing of solid food;get rid of the bottle(s) and encourage your child to eat solids.Excess milk intake could lead to anemia, excess juice to increased weight, diarrhea .A bottle constantly in the child's mouth could lead to tooth decay.Expose your baby to the wonderful world of flavors and textures.
The milk. Children at this age who drink too much milk, whether it's from a bottle or a cup, will have very little hunger and consequently not eat. They often become iron deficient, then anemic; and this can effect their growth and development. First, no more than 4 servings of milk a day. She'll cry about it, but let her. When she gets hungry enough, she'll eat. Then lose the bottle. See her doctor.