My mother passed in 2012 from malignant melanoma & my gma had the same removed in the 1970's. Should I be seeing a dermatologist? Male, 31y

See Dermatologist. You should see a board certified dermatologist for a thorough examination and mole mapping and should see them at periodical intervals (as recommended by them).
Recommended. I think it would be reasonable to see a dermatologist, particularly if you have light skin, hair, and eyes and have several moles on your body. Most melanomas are not genetic, but most do occur in people with fair skin.
Photoprotection. Sunscreen use is extremely important. Due to the family history its important that you see a dermatologist for a complete skin exam.
Yep. Having a family history of melanoma does increase your risk. You should limit your exposure to uv radiation, wear sunscreen regularly, never use a tanning bed, and see your friendly dermatologist for routine skin examinations.