My daughter is 1 month old and she has white spots on the inside of her lips and tounge, what could this be?

Thrush? Get checked. A common condition in newborn is oral thrush. This is a superficial fungal infection. It tends to cause a white patchy coating on tongue, lips, cheeks. At times it may cause discomfort and infant will tend to eat less. Have it checked by your child's doctor to make sure and to obtain therapy.
Possible thrush. Or it could be just milk coating the tongue and oral cavity . Thrush are fragile. It bleeds easily when you scrape the tongue and it needs prescription Nystatin to take care of it.
Possible Candida. Candida, which is sometimes called thrush, usually presents as white, cheesy spots on the mucous membranes inside the mouth and is common in infants. Speak to you pediatrician for a diagnosis and treatment recommendations.