Side effects. Of vytorin (ezetimibe and simvastatin). 10/80. I have beem using. For. 6 years?

Muscle weakness. Vytorin (ezetimibe and simvastatin) 10/80 contains 80mg of simvastatin. Studies have shown an increased incidence of muscle pain or weakness compared to lower doses or other statin drugs. It is currently recommended by the fda not to place new patients on this dose. But if you are doing well on this dose without problems and meeting your cholesterol goals there is no need to change.
Liver-muscles. Liver inflammation/ muscle inflammation causing pain and weakness. The muscle symptoms may start at anytime, regardless of how long you have been on it. Your doctor may check some labs for you periodically.

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Anybody taking vytorin (ezetimibe and simvastatin) 10/20 notice any side effects?

Muscle aches. Vytorin (ezetimibe and simvastatin) combines Zetia with simvastatin, and the most likely side effects would be muscle ache from the statin component. This is not common at a low dose, but can occur. Rarely, people complain of vague fuzziness of thinking.

I was almost bald 9 months ago. I started taking vytorin (ezetimibe and simvastatin) 10?

Uncommon Side Effect. Vytorin (ezetimibe and simvastatin) is a combination of Simvastatin and ezetimibe. Hair loss is not a commonly reported adverse effect of either medication. Check with your physician regarding other possible causes.

Was bald 9 months ago started taking vytorin (ezetimibe and simvastatin) 10/40. 95% regrowth now. What part of vytorin (ezetimibe and simvastatin) is helping to modulate my immunity?

None of it. Vytorin (ezetimibe and simvastatin) is lowering your cholesterol. As with all things, everyone responds differently. Moreover, baldness is generally due to genetics, not immunity (with exceptions, of course). This would seem to fall into the category of not looking a gift-horse in the mouth. Enjoy the new locks! :-).
None. Vytorin (ezetimibe and simvastatin) is a combination of 2 drugs for cholesterol lowering (Zetia and simvastatin).Neither of them modulate immunity but Zetia removes lipids from small intestine and Simvastatin works through liver. In combination their effect is more powerful than each drug alone! So far no effect on hair growth or immunity. It may be an coincidence.
No part. If vytorin (ezetimibe and simvastatin) could regrow hair, they would double the price and seek fda approval. Something else is going on with the hair growth.

16years old, T cholestrol-370mgh/dl, Tg-1.5, HDL 1.16, LDL 294, Ratio 7.91. taking Vytorin (ezetimibe and simvastatin) 10/20mg daily, can take one table spoon of flax seed also?

Sure. This s very serious. I wonder whether you have familial hypercholesterolemia. It kills people who use it, often at your age or a little later. Flax seed is unlikely to help more than a little bit. Best wishes.

How effective is Vytorin (ezetimibe and simvastatin)?

Simva: low dose only. Vytorin is Simvastin&ezetimibe. Both lower cholesterol. Simva beleived to reduce atherosclerosis by many mechanisms includ lowering Cholest & anti-inflam effect on vessels. Ezetimide, lowers cholesterol but unclear if it protects against atheroscl. Data not comp. Clear & Simvastin Generic, unclear another study will occur. Lipitor (atorvastatin) is also generic & evid exists that it is safer from Rhabdomyolysis.

What is a vytorin (ezetimibe and simvastatin) alternative?

Several things. Depending on dose of the vytorin which is very effective at lowering cholesterol, crestor, Lipitor (atorvastatin) (atorvistatin), Lipitor (atorvastatin) + zetia, or zocor (1/2 of vytorin) with or without Zetia (the other half of vytorin). Hrs, md www. Thepmc. Org.
Statin drugs. Vytorin (ezetimibe and simvastatin) is a specific combination of two medications; Simvastatin and ezetimibe. Generic Simvastatin is available by prescription. Zetia is the brand name for ezetimibe. These medications are useful to treat high cholesterol.

Should you take vytorin (ezetimibe and simvastatin) in the morning?

Bedtime is better. Bedtime is better but taking it regularly is more important. So if you are going to miss doses to take it at bedtime, taking it in the morning is better than missing doses. However, you will get a more robust response from taking it at bedtime.