I have a wart on my finger and I fingered my girlfriend could she get warts on her vagina?

Warts. Warts are caused by the human papilloma virus and are, by nature, contagious. So it is possible, but not likely. Avoiding skin-to-skin contact with the wart is the only way to avoid spread of the wart.

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Is it possible for warts on vagina spread to fingers?

May be but unlikely. Warts are caused by hpv virus , they are pretty much territorial, have their own fetish , due to hundreds of subtypes , likely to spread to anus , or oral cavity , can cause genital cancers , get them treated. Read more...

I have a few warts on my genitals, I put two of my fingers inside my vagina to see if I had any lumps inside. Now my fingers hurt. Is it related?

Unlikely. Genital warts are caused , by mostly 4 sub-types of hpv virus , you need to get treated to prevent future carcinoma of cervix and spread to your partner , vaccination will help you not to get other 3 types. They have fetish will grow only on general area , my be oral cavity not on your finger ( different subgroup ) see your doctor. Read more...