H/aches for months when I put little pressure on the top of head its very so pain like toothache, when take pressure of it also hurt doc doing 0, help!

What is your history. It could be many things. From a dental standpoint i would be looking at your overall history. Is it tooth related or jaw related? Is it from trauma? After a thorough examination i would contact your physician to find out what his thoughts are and what future tests may need to be run, if any. Hopefully once all of the information is gathered a diagnosis and treatment plan can be presented to you.
See a Dentist ASAP. Hard to diagnose it with that info but since u feel the pain is similar to a toothache, i would start there and let a dentist examine u and take some x-rays. If u have a tooth abscess it could be v. Bad to leave it untreated. If no dental problem found, see an internist md for a medical wkup and possible referral to appropriate specialist. Good luck with this: dentist 1st.
See a headache doc. The headaches are usually from multiple causes. However, most headaches have a dental or a neck component. See a doctor who treat both areas and you will be pleasantly surprised of the results. Go to trudenta.Com to look for a doctor in your area.