My 3week old son seems to have gas pain hes on enfamil gentelease and gas drops and Zantac (ranitidine) n nothing seems to work. What else I do or use? Please help

Try this. Try 24-36hours of nothing but pedialyte for feeding.No formula.As much and as often as he wants.There is nothing in pedialyte to cause gas.If the gas is eliminated, then he is having a formula reaction and there will be another that he can tolerate. If no better, consider acid reflux or another cause of the fussiness.See my other answers regarding " colic" and consult with your pediatrician.
Is it true gas? If cries same time or only after is fed after fed make sure he burps at least 1/2oz try a therm in rectum helps to pass put a warm washcloth on abd when cries comfort may have true colic have to live thru I have never been able to relieve that there are new meds look on google hope I have helped but good luck.