I have really bad cramping and im 35 weeks pregnant dose that mean im about to go into labor?

Reasons to seek help. Cramps + 35 weeks pregnancy might indicate preterm labor. Pain and/or hardening of the uterus should be reasons to immediately contact OB provider and prepare to go to labor and delivery. Even babies at that age might have some problems of prematurity, so an expectant couple should act quickly to contact OB about evaluation with exam, monitoring of fetus and mom. 911 is option if alone in pain.

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Can sex make you go into labor or start to dialate at 35 weeks pregnant cause I have been cramping a little bit?

Sometimes. Having sex, and having orgasms can definitely make one contract. Typically those contractions induced by intercourse are short lived, but if they persist or get stronger - then you should call your doctor and have an exam.In general, intercourse is safe for most uncomplicated pregnancies. Just watch to see if the contractions don't resolve on their own. Read more...

35 weeks pregnant I am having cramps in my pelvis area, have being seeing this orange like discharge for 3 weeks now. Could I go into labor soon?

Always possible. Being 35 weeks pregnant could result in you being in labor. You should time your contractions at home. If they are 5 minutes apart, you should be calling your doctor or hospital. As to the orange discharge, it could be physiologic, but you should be evaluated soon for it. Read more...