What is the symptoms for breast cancer as my wife complain from pain in breast and feel that they are heavy?

Many or none. Proper screening with self breast exams looking for new lumps, breast exams by your physician looking for skin or nipple chanes as well as masses or lymph nodes, and mammogram and ultrasound if needed are the best ways to pick up early stage breast cancer before it causes any symptoms. Once advanced it can cause many different symptoms throughout the body.
Breast pain/heavy. Breast pain can be caused by different things like infection, inflammation, hormonal, food , fibrocystic disease, malignancy etc. Although breast pain is not a common presentation for breast cancer but it can happen. Go to see her gyne or pmd and have her breast examined. Mammogram and sono would be helpful to eval the breast. Cut down coffee/caffeinated drink. Nsaids and cold compress can help.
Usually no symptom. The most common symptom of breast cancer is no symptom at all. Breast pain is not a common symptom of breast cancer.
No symptoms. Early breast cancer has no symptoms, later painless lump will be felt before spreading to lymph nodes and other organs, most of the time painful breasts are due to benign fibrocystic disease.She must be examined by her doctor after examination will order mammography and other tests as needed. Do not worry take her to doctor thank you dr berg for the nice comment.
Signs and symptoms. A lump that is associated with skin puckering or dimpling, nipple inversion, bloody nipple discharge, or palpable bulky underarm lymph nodes is highly suspicious for cancer. However, many early breast cancers will have no symptoms, as they are found only on mammogram.
Typically no symptom. Most breast cancer presents as a painless lump in the breast. Pain is more likely benign but persistent or focal pain should be worked up, including a physical exam, mammogram and possibly an ultrasound. If negative, there are some things that can be considered to help alleviate the pain.