Gerd not responding to Prilosec or protonix (pantoprazole).....Burning in chest, back throat. Could this be something else? Will I ever be able to get off a ppi?

Hopefully. If you are significantly overwight, your chances of getting off ppi drugs will be helped by weight loss and multiple small meals rather than a couple of large ones. Avoidance of alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and anticholinergic drugs can help too.

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Burning where top of right breast meets sternum and center of chest at breastline. Just started protonix (pantoprazole).Is this my GERD or cardiac? PCP says heart ok.

Likely GERD. If your PCP did an evaluation on you and has cleared you from a cardiac possibility, then it is most likely GERD. You should take the Protonix (pantoprazole) daily as prescribed. If no relief in 4-8 weeks after taking it, then consider speaking to your doctor again about further evaluation. Best wishes. Read more...