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I have sting/burning pain and pins and needles pain in both arm and legs and feet. What is this? I think it is a disk space n my neck or back? If this is true could I still play baseball? Could it get more damage from playing? ASAP, my body aches to

Stop playing until. Multiple reasons for pin and needle sensations. Neuropathy due to hypertension or diabetes. Or nerve compression due to spine issues. Needs evaluation by physician to determine exact cause.
LET'S SORT OUT. The symptoms over both arms and legs are very unlikely to be secondary to neck or back, and most likely are due to peripheral neuropathy, but I cannot exclude inflammatory problem within brain or spinal cord. Get neurological consult prior to resuming sports.

I've been suffering the last 4days with intense headache on my right hand side from my neck half way up my head. I have a burning sensation in my arm?

Exam/testing. Seek a medical examination today: cannot be diagnosed online. Additionally, you seem to asking multiple medical questions for answers, perhaps seeing your physician would help.