When to take blood test to confirm pcos pregnancy with irregular period?

Any time is ok.. If you are 10 days or most post conception the test will be positive.
In 10 days. A bhcg can be done in as little as 10 days to confirm a pregnancy...Although this early it could be a "chemical" pregnancy. Typically after ivf or IUI a woman would wait approx two weeks to do a blood test.

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I have pcos and irregular periods - 14 days ago I had IUI - had a brownish discharge yesterday - no period - blood test neg - could I still be pg?

See below. You may wish to repeat the test in 4-5 days, use first morning urine and follow the instructions in the kit carefully. If the test done 4-5 days after the due date for your period is negative, you are not likely to be pregnant.
Post-IUI. There are 2 possibilities here: either you're pregnant or you are staring on your period. Very early on in pregnancy when the embyro implants into the uterus, a little bleeding can occur, most often described by women as "spotting". However, spotting also occurs early in pregnancy. Follow the guidance of the doctor that did your IUI regarding steps to take next.

Pcos pcos monophasic or triphasic birth control pills? Asked about 6 hours ago - boston, ma hi I was diagnosed with pcos. I have cyst on my ovary 1.5 cm, started gain weight, acne, irregular period, my blood test showed estradiol 649pg/ml high, FSH 6.3 n

Going. Going on a birth control pill is the right decision based on the information you provided. There is no one single correct pill choice. Some clinicians feel that the lowest dose birth control pills have a higher chance of allowing cysts to form in the ovaries and that a monophasic pill is a better choice. The main reason for going on a birth control pill when there is an ovarian cyst is to prevent the development of other cysts. It is not really correct to say that the pill "makes" the cyst go away. The best bet is to communicate to your physician all of your concerns and then your doctor will recommend a pill that seems the best for that situation.
Doesnt matter. There is no particular benefit to the triphasic pills, but either one would likely be beneficial for the pcos. The first line treatment of pcos is birth control pills.

Hi. I went to hospital to do pregnancy test (6/11). Urine and blood test came out to be negative. (5/15 period start, 5/23 sex, irregular period)?

You are not pregnant. As evidenced by two pregnancy tests being negative. If your periods are irregular it is very difficult to pinpoint when you will ovulate and be most fertile. Ovulation normally occurs 14 days prior to the onset of the next menstrual period. Your best bet is to count backwards from when you believe that your next period will start. For more information see: http://howtogetpreg. Blogspot. Com/

I have been going through irregular periods since it has started. I had all kind of tests like blood test, ultrasound, pregnancy etc It was all normal?

No. What is normal is having regular periods but a lot of women have irregular periods as well. If not bleeding a lot, there is nothing to worry about. Your period can be regularized by using some form of contraception which you should discuss with your GYN doctor.
Irregular. Sounds like your doctor has been thorough, but sometimes if you are still not finding an answer it is time to check with an expert. It may help to see a fertility specialist or an endocrinologist. Try to eliminate exposure to xenoestrogens.

Can a woman with pcos be pregnant and not show hCG in blood test, first month of pregnancy. And have one last period on the same month?

Pregnancy. If you are pregnant you will always show HCG in your blood, except perhaps for the first FEW DAYS of pregnancy.
No. All women who are pregnant will have HCG detectable in their blood and urine. If tested too early (approximately less than 2 weeks after conception), a pregnancy test may sometimes show a false negative result.