What are the best parenting books?

Mileage may vary. Well, who gets to decide? No one book works for everyone. Read a few pages in the middle of each book you see in a bookstore; if it seems to make sense, it may be worth trying. In particular, this book: http://www.Amazon.Com/caring-your-baby-young-child/dp/0553386301 should get you around most pitfalls.
Many good ones! Some of my favorites are brazelton's books (strong on development), aap's birth through five years. Also, i'll go ahead on plug one of my books here, "solving health and behavioral problems from birth through pre-school".
AAP books. There are many good parenting books out there, but here's a good place to start http://www.Healthychildren.Org/english/bookstore/pages/default.Aspx the american academy of pediatrics.
A Classic. One of my all-time favorites is " how to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk." it focusses on building the most critical ingredient in healthy relationships: empathy -- that is, the ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes.
Books by the AAP. My favorite parenting books are : caring for your baby and young child, birth to age 5 caring for your school-age child, age 5-12 both books are published by the american academy of pediatrics (aap).
Love & logic. I agree with others who have said that there are many good parenting books. It also depends what age your kids are and what issues you may be having with them. Check the web site www.Loveandlogic.Com, which has a lot of good books, cds, dvds and other resources, plus a free e-mail newsletter on various parenting issues for all ages and many different issues.
older children. Having issues with parenting or behavior? 1-2-3 magic by thomas phelan is a classic.
My favorites. The whole brain child and parenting from the inside out (available in chinese by dan siegel are the best for applying the latest advances in neurobiology to day to day parenting. Today's major problems in parenting are involved in the parent's self understanding and mental health. A new book on adolescence will be available soon: brainstorm: the power and purpose of the teenage brain by siegel.
Parenting books. I believe the best parenting book is "Assertive Discipline For Parents"by lee and Marlene Canter. You can get it on AMAZON - not always available from the library and I never found it in a book store ! .