I have one varicose vein in my right leg, I wear compression socks as well since I am standing all day does that help?

Yes. It will definitely help but you probably need to have the great saphenous vein imaged to see if there is reflux. If there is reflux then you can have this treated. You need to see a vascular surgeon who has an interest in venous disease.
Yes. Compression stockings will lower the pressure in your leg and may help symptoms. Compression will also lower the risk of a blood clot. Unfortunately, compression will not make the veins go away. You need a duplex ultrasound to rule out a problem in the vein valves. Varicose veins are easy to fix now with minimally invasive proceedures. Find a phlebologist, a doctor who treats vein disease.
Yes. Make sure that the stockings are up to date as they do need to be changed every six months. As long as the vein does not hurt you there is no reason go do anything about it. When it hurts and the stockings are not helping then you should see a vascular surgeon for further evaluation.
Probably. As dr. Korona said, stockings certainly help any symptoms you might have. Additionally, there is at least one study that shows that you can help to keep varicose veins from getting worse by wearing compression stockings every day. You need an adequate amount of compression (which means that they are tight) and they have to fit properly. If you can avoid standing as much, that helps too.
Helps symptoms. Helps pain and swelling and heavy feeling. If hose don't help get evaluated for phlebectomy or laser ablation.
Maybe. It depends on where the varicose vein is located, and if you have any skin damage in the lower leg. The compression stocking will likely help if it is the correct tightness for you, and if the vein at issue is in the lower leg. If you are describing just a small spider vein in the skin, then the stocking may just help with prevention of leg swelling.
Varicose veins. compression stockings will help with symptoms but ultimately it is better to treat the problem as it will progress with time certainly standing for long periods is a potential risk and thus wiring compression would be advised.