Had hida scan today. Pain after cck injection but not bad now 5hrs later. Extreme nausea now and worsening, sweating. Why is the nausea worsening?

Annoying but normal. Cck often causes nausea and abdominal cramps. This usually resolves within at most an hour or two. I would check with your doctor if you do not feel better by the next day.
Side effect. Cck is known to give side effects such as nausea, sometimes severe or abdominal cramps or bloating. Patients react differently to its administration. Usually these symptoms will disappear within few hours after the injection of cck. However, if you still feel significant nausea after 12-24 hours, please consult your doctor, this might not be related to the cck.
Unpleasant . But normal side effect. Can cause bowel cramps. If you are not better by next day call your doctor.