1/80 + ana, dual pattern, speckled, centro mere. High aca centromere. High histone ab, igg. See sxs list. Recommendations? Other blood tests -.

Results meaningless. That's right, lab results are meaningless without a history of symptoms, past medical history, family history of related illnesses, previous laboratory tests & your response to medication so far. Without this other information one can only guess at a way to help you. You should be under the care of an experienced rheumatologist. Your primary care provider of local medical society can recommend one.
Just a screening. An "ana" is a blood test used to screen a person for the possibility of several autoimmune diseases. It is important to remember that this is a screening test and a positive result only indicates more testing may be warranted. Histone positivity suggests the whole result may be false. No blood test is perfect, and getting to a diagnosis is usually much more complex than drawing blood.