Can macro prolactinoma cause weight gain around the midsection? Thanks!

Prolactinoma. Usually a macroprolactinoma does not cause weight gain/fat redistribution, just loss of periods, as described. Presumably you are on treatment w/ Cabergoline or bromocriptine. Are the other pituitary hormones ok? Sometimes, a pituitary tumor can damage the other hormones, or secrete something else. Check with your endocrinologist.
Prolactinoma. In women, high blood levels of prolactin usually interfere with ovulation, causing infertility and changing menstruation. In some women, periods may disappear or become irregular, or menstrual flow may change. Women who are not pregnant or nursing may begin producing breast milk. Some women may experience a loss of libido (interest in sex) or painful intercourse from vaginal dryness.

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Will fibroids cause weight gain in belly area. I have 4 small ones but no pain I'm 36.I just have constipation and heavy feeling. I like exercising.

No. Small fibroids should not be caudong weight gain drink a lot of fluids and take stool softeners to help with constipation. Continue with exercise speciallu aerobic. Check your thyroid status too, low levels can cause weight gain. Read more...