Cracking/crunching sound in knees (both) when bending and small lump (1cm diameter) just above knee.

Knee sounds. Most often knee sounds (called crepitus) are from arthritis - the wearing out of cartilage in the knee. Bumps are more varied, but may represent fluid from arthritis, loose pieces of cartilage in the knee. Bumps that grow should be shared with you doctor.

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Why does my knee keep cracking and making crunching sound?

Let me help. You surface of the or the surface of the thigh bone is rough due to some kind injury, which made rough instead being smooth, this why the noise coming from.

I hit my knee on the hard floor 5 month ago and now I hear some crunching sound whenever I step on a stairs.. .

See doctor. It is possible you damaged the cartilage, meniscus, etc. In your knee. You need to see your primary care doctor for examination and probable ordering M.R.I. and referral if necessary.

Why does my knee make a crunching sound?

Arthrits. This is called crepitus. It is a sign of arthritis, which is wear and tear of the knee joint with wearing away of the cartilage.

Cartilage-can it be healed on its own if it is sligtly dammaged...Mr showed I had bubles behind my knee cap. My knee makes crunching sound sometimes?

Please see link... Check out this link http://www. Wheelessonline. Com/ortho/chondromalacia_of_the_patella.
Cartilage. Cartilage damage generally doesn't heal on its own. However, with some treatment like therapy and medicine it can become less painful and help prevent further damage. Sometimes, if bad enough, surgery is needed.