Ihave hyperthyroid for 4yrs now and protruding eyes for 3yrs. I'm taking ptu (propylthiouracil) right now but eyes have not receded. Is there anything I can do for my eye?

First recheck TSH. Protruding eyes due to hyperthyroidism is mostly due to certain blood cells building up in the eye socket tissues. This is a response to thyroid stimulating hormone produced by the pituitary gland (not the thyroid gland). It can cause increasing pressure on the eyeball and the optic nerve and loss of vision. If this does occur, the eye socket can be decompressed surgically or treated by radiation.
Multispecialty . Team approach is needed. Endocrinology, eye surgeon who has experience operating on patients with graves disease. A primary care doctor. Possible general surgeon with experience on thyroid surgery. Smoking makes disease worse. http://www.atlasophthalmology.com/atlas/photo.jsf?node=7544&locale=en.
Picture below . When untreated and severe hi, on the following website you can find information and annotated images on the diagnosis 'graves's ophthalmopathy, malignant endocrine exophthalmus': http://www.Atlasophthalmology.Com/atlas/photo.Jsf?Node=7544&locale=en. Seek and continue treatment. Smoking makes disease worse.