I have a severe bicuspid aortic valve regurgitation I am 22 years of age I have symptoms how will I know if im about to die?

See a cardiologist. Aortic regurgitation results in stretching of the pumping chamber of the heart due to the increase blood volume and pressure. Patients often do not have symptoms until the muscle is stretched so far that it does not contract well. By that time, repair may not improve symptoms. It is important to have measurements of the heart size and aorta to know when valve replacement is needed.
Surgery . The most important factor is that u r symptomatic. Severe ai in this setting requires surgical intervention. Don't wait, waiting can cause left ventricular dysfunction which can be irreversible. Seek an experienced surgeon, some bicuspid valves can be repaired with a good long term result. Minimally invasive approach is also possible.