I have headaches everyday and it travels down to my neck. Nothing works. What do u suggest?

Headache. If you have tried all over the counterpain medications, you might consider a magnesium supplement, then see your doctor. You might need a daily medication like topamax (topiramate) or Propranolol to keep the headaches away. You can also find out if your headaches are coming from tension, eye strain, dehydration, lack of sleep/poor sleep, skipping meals, stress, sleep apnea/snoring, or chronic sinus problems.
Occipital Neuralgia . Occipital neuralgia h/a caused by neck spasms. There is tenderness at the occipital notch unilaterally or bilaterally with paresthesias in in their distribution, from mild to severe constant or intermittent supraorbital frontal h/a.. Occasionally associated with blepharospasms, mild vertigo, ear and or jaw discomfort. Muscle relaxers, nsaid, possibly steroids might help o/w inj.
Chronic headache. Chronic daily headache can have several causes. Taking otc meds can perpetuate it. You need to see a doctor who can help you identify just what kind of headache you have. Neck and shoulder muscle spasm may be part of the problem to be addressed by physical therapy or trigger point injection. X-ray of your neck may give some answers.
See a doctor. Daily headaches are frequently made worse by constantly medicating them with even over the counter remedies such as excedrin, Aspirin or tylenol (acetaminophen). This give rise to a condition call rebound. You need to see a doc to get to a diagnosis. You probably need to be on a preventative medication and stop the rebounding medication as that may be worsening the situation.