Wil thalasimia affect me at the my boxing carrer?

Depends on… Type of thalassemia u have: alpha, beta, major, minor. If beta major, there's the possibility of abnormal bone structure in face & skull, increased risk of infection, enlarged spleen that may rupture easily with blows to abdomen. See fp or hematologist to learn which type u have & what complications u may expect.
Depends what kind. Depends on what kind of thalasemia you have alpha thalasemia four genes are involved in making Alpha hemoglobilin chain, you get two from each parent, si if you have one mutated gene no problem you are a carrier two mut genes, mild sign and symptms three genes moderate to severe 4 genes called Alpha thalasemia major, it causes fetus to die beta thalasemia 1 gene mild disease 2 genes severe severe.