25/female visited doc had 153 hr, high blood pressure, and abnormal ekg, blood tests normal, low vitamin d. Anxiety or should I see cardiologist?

Risk factors. You need see a cardiologist and have an ekg done, along with getting some blood work taken. You rapid pulse may be some thing that needs to be treated. A woman at age 25 may have a secondary cause of hypertension, such as a conn's syndrome or a renal artery stenosis. Make sure these conditions are ruled out before you start some BP meds. You low vit. D level needs treatment by an endocrinologist.
Risk factors. Do you have other risk factors like diabetes, smoking, abnromal weight, family history of heart disease, if yes, then it is important to see a cardiologist.
History & physical. If you don't think you're anxious / upset, look further. Do get treated for the vitamin d lack. A good primary care physician can tell whether this could be hyperthyroidism, pheochromocytoma, aortic regurgitation, medication effect, primary cardiac disease... And direct referrals accordingly. If you're not satisfied, get with a good cardiologist. Best wishes.