How much time an expert surgeon needs to repair large inguinal hernia with mesh in open tech. I was kept in general anesthesia for 100 min?

Variable. The first question is are you happy with the outcome? Was the repair done well without complications? If so, then the rest is mostly a moot point. The next thing to know is that the duration of anesthesia always exceeds the actual operative time. Once you are under, there is still time required for prep, clean up, and ensuring you are ready to come out. Aside from that, the time was not excessiv.
Sounds right. Sounds reasonable. Hernia repair surgery usually starts between 5-15 minutes after the induction of general anesthesia. That surgery may take 45-90 minutes. Add another 5-10 minutes to wake up from anesthesia and leave the operating room.
Not Unusual. The length of the operation can be dictated by the size of the hernia being repaired, the difficulty in getting past scar tissue, as well as the skill of the surgeon. Being asleep for 1 hour and forty minutes for a large hernia repair is not that unusual.

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