I want 2 quit smoking. I can't afford any cessesion products. I've cut back from 3 packs to 1.5, & can't go lower. Support groups didn't help. Advice?

Don't give up!! Congratulations on your goal to quit nicotine. Nicotine is a powerful vasoconstrictor (decreases blood flow) in addition to being a carcinogen. Nicotine is highly addictive; difficult to quit. Since you are stalled at 1.5 packs a day, my advice is to hold on your weaning for about 4 weeks. Then, if you are able, decrease your daily consumption at a slower rate. You can achieve your goal.
You CAN afford it. You were spending as much as $600/month on tobacco at 3 packs. The amount your are saving now would pay for a lot of smoking cessation help. Many health insurances cover it, and there are free public programs for smoking cessation in many communities. Try 1-800-quit-now and see if you can find something in your area. You cannot afford not quitting. Combo of meds/support groups works better.